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14'th Week of Pregnancy

14 week Pregnant
  • Week 14th starts another step ahead that brings along with it a variety of changes. Technically, reproductive developments would take place inside your baby.

Changes in You
  • Constipation is an issue that you tend to face during these stages of pregnancy. It may continue till the delivery. Few tips to deal with constipation during pregnancy include drinking plenty of water and having high fiber food. Other Common Problem and SolutionsAs for the rest, just enjoy and maintain high spirits while you wait for the D-Day. Most of you will find that your nausea, exhaustion, mood swings ease up. There are chances that these symptoms may not completely disappear until the baby is born.

Changes in Your Baby
  • The baby's body is growing now! At this stage, fingerprints would be formed; the baby has a grip by now, the liver starts secreting bile. Your baby would also start breathing fluid in and out of the lungs. Your baby's bone marrow is producing blood cells and he/she is secreting bile from the liver. Another interesting aspect is that your child would be covered in a layer of downy hair called lanugo.By 14th week, the would-be-mother can listen to her baby's heart beat.

Tips and Precautions
  • Antenatal schedules should be marked and followed.Good time to try a new exercise. If you haven't tried swimming lately, check out. Breast stroke is good during swimming. Try to maintain good posture as the growing womb puts stress on your spine. Good yoga and stretching would benefit you. Know more Exercise and PregnancyThe partner has much larger role to play in convincing you. He should pat you in your low downs. The mood swings and headaches persist and have more of psychological component. If you are depressed, make sure you visit a Doctor. It could affect your baby's brain activity and hormonal levels Summary of pregnancy to a father is given here.

    If you feel the movements of the baby, please tell your Doctor about it. It's called quickening and it is regular in this period.

    You can opt to have a Quad Screen or amniocentesis, tests that can detect a neural-tube defect, such as spina bifida, Down syndrome or other genetic disorders. Discuss these tests with your Doctor to help you decide.

    It becomes possible to determine the probable gender of the baby, though not always with mechanical precision and accuracy; importantly it is illegal to determine the gender and reveal it, both the Doctor and the parents are punishable in countries like India.

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