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27'th Week of Pregnancy

27 week Pregnant
  • Wow! By pregnancy week 27 your baby is over 1 kg and is almost 15 inches long! That's quite large considering your baby's original size was smaller than a grain of rice!

Changes in You
  • Your baby is now 30 cm long from head to toe. If your baby was a fruit, she would be the size of a pineapple.You would be dying to meet the baby, by now!! Isn't it?? As a matter of fact, if your baby were born now, he/she would have an excellent chance of surviving in most sophisticated neonatal intensive care facility. Your baby hasn't fully formed and would probably not be able to breath by himself. He would need to stay in an incubator to keep his body temperature regulated.

Changes in Your Baby
  • You may notice your energy start dropping around this time. While most women enjoy a pleasant energy spurt during the middle of the second trimester, this often fades as they approach the third trimester. Remember as you are entering your third trimester, your body is working very hard to complete its masterpiece... creation of a new life! This takes a lot of energy, so it makes sense you'd feel a bit tired.It is difficult to maintain your balance. So move carefully and avoid falling. Your ligaments are also loosening up in preparation for pushing the baby out, so you may feel loose in the hips. You may experience shooting pains (sciatica) in your lower back and legs. Lifting, bending and walking can make the pain worse. Take warm baths, ice packs and changing the posture frequently may help. Your heart rate may have increased causing you to flush and look winded with less exertion.Common Problems

Tips and Precautions
  • If you have any habits and activities and worry how they affect your pregnancy, share all your feelings with your partner as he is the best person in this world at this time. There may be certain household chores that become difficult and even dangerous for her to do. Offer to help her out with things like placing items on high shelves and cleaning the bathtub or toilet. These small gestures can make a huge difference Pregnancy for a Father.Take time to know about diseases of pregnancy. Proper information can always relieve your anxiety Complications during the Pregnancy.Flex your foot by pointing the toes forward and then flexing them back towards your shin. This helps stretch the calf muscles and should give you some relief from foot achesYou can always opt to invent a name as well. Obviously, naming isn't always the most straightforward or easy process and not every couple has a name for their child even after birth.

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