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40'th Week of Pregnancy

40 week Pregnant
  • Cherish the journey of a life time!! Life is full of ups and down. All throughout the journey, you have held on to your spirit. Now, your baby is going to take those first steps into the outside world and call you "mamma", with the whole world watching!!!! Now how does that feel?

Changes in You
  • Now here is good news for you- your baby is going to be born at some point soon. And the bad news is that it may be as much as two week from now. In the meantime, your care provider will check your dilation (how open your cervix is, if at all) and effacement (how thick your cervix is), try to predict when labor will begin.If you're still pregnant two weeks from now, then your pregnancy would be post-term. Anywhere from three to twelve percent of pregnant women may go post-term.

Changes in Your Baby
  • Your baby is now fully formed and ready to be born. If your due date passes, your Doctor will check to see if the baby has enough amniotic fluid.

Tips and Precautions
  • Did you ever think it could go so slow? At Labor. Those last few weeks before labor seem like an eternity. Many cesareans are unplanned, so you may as well educate yourself on what to expect, just in case your labor does not progress and you end up having one. Which ever way your baby is born, you will be a new mom soon! Cesarean Section

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