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32'nd Week of Pregnancy

32 week Pregnant
  • 32nd week sounds interesting as you would receive kicks, from your baby, as usual, but with higher intensity!!

Changes in You
  • There is an interesting fact that might amuse you!! Did you know by the time you reach 32nd week of pregnancy, you may be pumping as much as 40 to 50 percent more blood than when you were pregnant? Yup, that's true!! Your body needs to increase the volume of blood circulating to help accommodate your growing baby.Try taking rest while sitting or even while sleeping!! Know why?? It helps to improve your circulation. This can help in releasing some of the pressure on your vena cava, a main artery in your body responsible for blood circulation and support.

Changes in Your Baby
  • Your baby would be 40.5 cm in length and weight around 1.9 Kg Check out your baby's photograph!! You may notice that photographs of babies in utero at this stage show their skin becoming less translucent and pinker with more fat and this fat is supplied by blood which makes it blush.Whew, and check out for those kicks!! Those well placed kicks, from your baby, under your ribs, can take your breath away!! Howzzat???

Tips and Precautions
  • During consultations with your obstetrician you possibly will be asked to make a radio exam of the pelvis so that it can be measured to check that passage will be OK. The Doctor may also examine clinically whether your passage is wide enough for normal vaginal delivery.All the organs enlarge. The digestive tract is fully developed to pass stool after delivery. The testes in male child start descending into the scrotum and the female child's clitoris enlarges and becomes prominent. Sometimes the testes are descended into the scrotum by first birthday. Know about this and address to the Doctor. The baby starts forms urine which is passed out after delivery. You may experience lightheadedness during these last weeks. This happens because your blood tends to pool in the lower limbs resulting in low blood reaching the brain. So, watch out for dizziness and get up nice-n-slow after sitting for long periods.If there is any chance of premature labor, the Doctor would be give you shots to make the lungs of your baby more mature so that he/ she can breathe easily after the birth.

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