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What you should tell doctor on first visit during pregnancy?

    Becoming pregnant is a dream come true for a woman and makes her feel complete. During this period you have to be extra careful about your diet and your lifestyle. In addition you need to see your doctor regularly. There are some things that you should tell your doctor about, as they can have an affect on your baby's health.

    1. The date of your last menstrual period .
    2. Birth control methods you have used in the past.
    3. Your general health status - how you have been feeling and any problems you face.
    * Medications you are taking, or are allergic to (if any).
    * Any Medical problems you have. (if any).
    * Any previous Hospitalizations .
    * History of abortions and/or miscarriages (if any).
    * Any problems you have had during your previous pregnancy.
    * Any history of Sexually transmitted diseases.
    * Smoking or drinking habits. Drug addictions if any .
    1. Your husband's health history and any medical problems he has(if any).
    * Any history of Sexually transmitted diseases.
    * Any other health problems.
    1. Your family's medical history .
    2. History of diabetes.
    3. History of hypertension(high blood pressure).
    4. Any history of congenital birth defects (and your husband's family history).

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