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34 'th Week of Pregnancy

34 week Pregnant
  • Are you prepared to receive the baby after one month? You are almost coming to the end of a successful and exhilarating experience. Make life easier for yourself. Stock up on basics - everything from tins to socks - before shopping becomes too much of a chore. Things to pack the bag with Make a list of important numbers - your family, Doctor, neighbor and the local hospital . If your partner's difficult to get hold of, make sure he has a pager or a mobile phone. Prepare financially.

Changes in You
  • Not many changes come up apart from the changes noticed last month. You may notice that your feet, hands, face and ankles have become a bit swollen. Your uterus is roughly 5.6 inches above your belly button by this point.You may begin to feel increased pressure in your lower abdomen and notice that your baby is gradually dropping.

Changes in Your Baby
  • Your baby would be the Size of 43 cm and the weight of 2.3 Kg by now. In the coming six weeks, your baby would continue to gain about one to half kg.And wow!! Check out for your baby's brain!! At this stage, your baby's brain would have formed billions of neurons. As such, this brain development might be the reason that your baby sleeps most of the time at this stage. This is a speculation only.But your baby's development is in not complete at birth. In the first year after birth, the baby's brain will triple in size and become three-quarters of its adult size.

Tips and Precautions
  • Get to Doctor if signs of labor appear Ensure frequent toileting and keep the area clean and dryThe baby will maybe drop into the pelvic bowl. It can be a smooth transition or it can happen suddenly, either way it is a good sign and it doesn't mean that you will deliver the next day. No apprehension.Organize everything for your labor time. Pack the delivery bag withYou even discover that embroidery can be satisfying, so start knitting your baby a sweater.Going round the hospital and knowing. Admission procedures in early labor. Find out about how your baby will be monitored in labor and the hospital's policy on eating and drinking during labor while you're there in early labor. Keep the important phone numbers ready.Keep checking for the warning signs.

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