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37'th Week of Pregnancy

37 week Pregnant
  • Whew! You can't be patient anymore! You can expect your baby any time from now!! So relax and wait for the moment!!

Changes in You
  • You will have to expel the cervical mucus plug, aka "bloody show", at any time. Don't worry about the stretch marks!! Hold on and be patient as they will fade after few months of your delivery. The stretch marks are caused by broken collagen fibers under your skin's surface. Stretch marks are genetic. If your mom had stretch marks, then you will probably have them too. Real contractions grow progressively stronger, more intense, and more regular, differentiate from false pains.

Changes in Your Baby
  • The profile of the baby is Size: 48 cm Weight: 2.9 Kg You may also start feeling that the weight on your abdomen has doubled!!Your baby's intestines are also producing meconium, a greenish black substance made of baby by-products. New bornIt is also noticeable that your baby's body fat has increased to about eight percent of the total body weight. In case your baby turns out to be a boy, his testes would have descended into his scotrum. Just as you are feeling stretched, your baby will be squeezed on all sides. Poor little baby is desperate to come out to sand see mummy and the outside world!! But tThe longer your baby stays in, the more time she has to develop the connections in the brain , in the pleasant and peaceful inside of your womb!!

Tips and Precautions
  • It will help you get to know your hospital and the admission procedures in early labor. Find out about how your baby will be monitored in labor and the hospital's policy on eating and drinking during labor while you're there.Now your baby can arrive at any moment... The waiting is terrible and the intensity of your emotions means that everything else in the world is totally irrelevant.Don't forgetblood type card and anything else that may be required in your particular country.any Any paperwork that you need like identity papers, recent blood test results, blood type card and anything else that may be required in your particular countryIt is better to be relaxed and know the pain and try to accept it as far as possible. The safe pain remedies can be known. In reality, your experience of the birthing process is unique to your body and how you choose to respond to it. Stock up on basics - everything from tins to socks - before shopping becomes too much of a chore. Things to pack the bag with

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