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5'th Week of Pregnancy

  • Congrats!! If you just found out that you are pregnant and missed out on the first 4 weeks of fun, don't have a lot of company. It is usually at the onset of the 5th week that pregnancy is first confirmed. This is when your missed period prompts you to undergo the pregnancy test. In allopathic medicine, we calculate the pregnancy weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period. So in fact, the first four weeks period is the time when you would have conceived, usually at the end of second week from your last menstrual period.

    Those few of you who already knew that you are pregnant---well congrats anyway, you are slowly getting used to this long, tiring yet sweet journey. If you have missed a period but are still unsure about your pregnancy, get your pregnancy test ASAP. This is the simplest manner in which you can proceed. Visit any pharmacy in the locality and buy the pregnancy test kit. Detailed instructions would be provided on the kit on how to do the test. And cheer up!

    You know why? For it is at this stage that vital changes start taking place in the growing baby.

Changes in Your body
  • As for the changes taking place in your body, it will be strikingly similar to what you have been going through the past four weeks. There would not be any obvious Changes in Your body, but yes, there is a new human being shaping up inside you!!! In case, you find any changes and are wondering what it is all about don't hesitate to check up with our Doctor.

Changes seen in the baby
  • Your baby's heart has started forming! Hear the soft thudding sound? You will, but not yet because the baby's heart takes further more days for those miniscule beats to kick in and start pumping its own blood. At this moment, your baby's heart has just taken shape and it is in the form of a U tube.

    Hold on for a few seconds. Know what? Your baby might be thinking about you? His/her brain has started developing!!! The tube shaping the heart will have a flatter top that will form your baby's brain. A significant change occurs now!! Your baby is growing up. The nervous system in your baby undergoes development and begins to fuse. Your baby is well protected and encased in a membrane which will be attached to a yolk sac, which indirectly manufactures the embryos unique blood cells.

Tips & Precautions
  • Try wearing tight-fitting bras (maybe a sports bra) from now on to counter the painful engorgement of your breasts. Unsupported breasts may cause a lot of discomfort during your pregnancy. (Breast Care)

    You must be very careful of your diet and nutrition. Keep in mind that your daily energy requirement will increase by 200 to 300 k Cal during second and trimesters of pregnancy. When you were not pregnant, you required about 2200 K cal per day. But now you need nearly 2500 Kcal every day. So stick to a diet of your choice but keep in mind that the energy requirements are met on a daily basis. Also remember that you should take a supplement of Folic acid daily. This reduces the incidence of NTD (Neural tube Defects- defects in the spinal cord/ nervous system) in a baby significantly. You can also take other supplements like vitamins and iron if advised by your Doctor and if they do not make you nauseous.

    The best way to counter light-headedness is to try working out. Simple exercises are good enough (Exercise during Pregnancy). Try being in an environment which is calm and conducive. Keep a check on your emotions, try to stay cool -too much excitement is not good for you or your baby. You need to get a lot of blood tests and urine tests Investigations done during Pregnancy done. Get in touch with your Doctor for this.

    Look out for warning signs!!! If you come across vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, don't hesitate to call your Doctor immediately, even on the slightest hint of any such signs.

    Some infections are dangerous to contract during the first trimester of pregnancy. To know more about them and take precautions check out our Infections during pregnancy link.

    You may know this but it is our duty to tell you----Avoid alcohol and smoking, as your baby may have serious adverse effects if continuously exposed to it.

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