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7'th Week of Pregnancy

07 weeks pregnant
  • 7th week is something special to watch out for! At this stage, your baby attains the size of "a grape". The stage is also preceded by the growth of your baby's vital organs and tissues like the heart, liver, brain and also blood.

Changes in You
  • At this stage, the mucus on your cervix thickens, thus forming a plug that will keep your uterus sealed, until the time you give birth. You are unlikely to notice many differences in your body. Your uterus size will start increasing in size now and you may experience abdominal cramps. You may also notice decreased appetite due to nausea.

Changes in Your Baby
  • Any idea how your baby will be looking like? Well, your baby will be five to thirteen millimeters long. And guess what? Your baby is at the initial stages in the formation of digestive tracts, lungs, nostrils, hands and feet.

    Don't let your baby bite you! At this stage, there are signs of buds of teeth being formed in the gum. Your baby has also started forming a tiny liver, tongue and lungs. Isn't this amazing? And thank goodness! If you try taking snaps of your baby, your baby would look more like a baby than a reptile. But wait.your baby still has a tail like a 'tadpole'!! Don't worry; this tadpole in your belly will rapidly grow into a beautiful human baby in no time.

    And now, your baby has high thinking power! Your baby's brain has become one quarter larger.

Tips and Precautions
  • Remember the antenatal visits and make a note of all the questions you are worried about and would like to ask your Doctor. Know more Prenatal Care

    Start on Iron and Folic acid supplements if you have not started yet. Remember that folic acid supplements prevent neural tube defects in the newborn. Would like to know about the Nutrition during Pregnancy.

    If you have concerns about the nausea and the lack of taste in the mouth, try munching on bland biscuits. Taking ginger for nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is a traditional solution. You can learn more about your problems at Common problems and solutionsKeep a watch out for those warning signs. In case of the slightest doubt do not hesitate to approach your Doctor.

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