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30'th Week of Pregnancy

30 week Pregnant
  • By 30th week, your baby continues to grow remarkably fast in the next several weeks. Your baby is working hard to fill out his or her tiny body.

Changes in You
  • As the time progresses, so does the womb size! Never bother about the skin changes on your womb. They would fade away after delivery. The most important thing is to relish the thoughts of your life with your baby after two more months!Many women start experiencing a lot of fatigue around this time, in part due to increasing levels of progesterone circulating in their body. This is perfectly normal. You may also have more trouble getting comfortable at night. If you haven't already it is advisable investing in a body pillow or two. At this stage, you might face few difficulties such as swelling of feet, breathlessness when you lie down, and at times back pain accompanied by sleep disturbances and mood changes. Take it easy as you can comprehend with all these, when your baby's thoughts come up!!

Changes in Your Baby
  • By pregnancy week 30, your baby's size is 37 cm and weight about 1.5 Kg. Just imagine!! Your baby is as long as a "laptop"!! From now on until delivery, every baby will gain weight at a more individual rate (twice what he has gained till now). Your baby has doubled in height over the past six weeks, and from now on till delivery, she'll gain only a few more inches in length!! Nothing to worry about, its just that your baby's growth is already at it's peak.

Tips and Precautions
  • Practice the breathing exercises with your partner. Do exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles with back-support. Avoid exercising while lying on your back. You may feel exhausted, so take it easy. Exercise enough to energise yourself, but don't get too tired.Be vigilant if you notice any regression in signs of pregnancy.Now is a good time to discuss delivery methods with your Doctor.You will not harm the baby if you have sex with your partner during this late stage. Normally it is just fine to continue right up to the day before birth. Sex during pregnancy.Don't fear the mood swings; sexual urges could be on a sabbatical - but that's completely normal. The drama you're feeling is largely a result of increased adrenaline, thanks to hormonal swings-not that things really are that dramatic and merit adult temper tantrums.

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